Things You MUST Know About Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics

I wanted to discuss the topic of hair transplants in Turkey and things you MUST KNOW before proceeding with getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Istanbul is one of the major cities in Turkey and one of the most well known destinations for medical tourists who come to get a hair transplant. With well over 350 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone, that is a huge number of clinics and it is said that you can easily see men walking around the city with bandages on the back of their donor zone, indicating that they just had a hair transplant.

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An article I read mentions that it’s very common to see men with bandages visiting museums, walking on the streets or eating in the restaurants. Some even say that Turkey is the #1 destination for hair transplants, and that isn’t hard to believe when most of the google ads you see on hair transplants are from Turkey, offering hair transplants at an extremely low costing as low as $1500 to $2000 USD for an FUE procedure, most of them being package deals where it is bundled up with free transportation in luxury vehicles, 5 star hotel accommodations, spa packages. It’s a no brainer that the price of a hair transplant in Turkey is an absolute steal compared to the typical $15,000 to $25,000 you would pay in the US. Even in my case when I had mine in South Korea, I roughly paid $5000 US for 1700 grafts via FUE. 

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The main reason that people from all over the world travel to Turkey is obviously due to the affordable price and presumably good quality results they see online through photos, social media. I actually did a poll on YouTube a few months back, asking my viewers the main reason that is holding them from getting a hair transplant, and nearly 50% of the response was due to financial reasons. The 2nd reason was because of the fact that people were waiting for better hair loss treatments. So there is no doubt in my mind that the #1 reason people travel to Turkey to get a hair transplant is because of the low costs. And with the low cost of living in Turkey and with so many competition going on with hundreds of other hair transplant clinics in Turkey, the low cost of a hair transplant will entice a lot of people to come to get it done in Turkey. 

Now before I proceed with this video, I want to make it clear that there are many reputable Turkish hair transplant doctors who do a phenomenal job performing FUE and creating natural, dense looking hairlines. The ebook that I sell also highlights several top notch Turkey hair transplant doctors whom I would definitely recommend to anyone that is considering Turkey as a hair transplant destination. With that said, there are more less reputable clinics than there are reputable ones in Turkey so you really have to do your full research before choosing a clinic or a doctor. If you guys are not aware, the most dominant form of hair transplant clinics in Turkey is operated by a technician, and not by an actual hair transplant doctor. This type of clinic involves the doctor simply drawing your hairline during the consultation and is no where to be seen during the actual surgical procedure. Most clinics, 9 out of 10, you find in Turkey is this type, where it is dominated by technicians who actually do the hair transplantation instead of a doctor. 

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The second type of hair transplant clinic in Turkey is one that is actually supervised by a doctor. A hair transplant clinic supervised by a doctor involves the doctor who makes the recipient slit incisions where the grafts are to be implanted, but the technicians are the ones who extract the grafts from the back of the scalp and implant them to balding areas. However, patients are supervised by the doctor so there is some assurance knowing that the doctor is still there to oversee the procedure. 

Now the most rarest of them all are hair transplant clinics that are actually performed by the doctor from start to finish. Technicians work with the doctor but they are not involved in any of the surgical aspect of the procedure, which means that technicians do not perform anything that involves piercing the scalp tissue. In the US, ethnical hair transplant clinics do not technicians who perform surgical procedures since by law, they are not allowed to do so. Anyway, clinics operated by the doctor do everything from start to finish, from extracting the grafts from the back of the scalp to creating slits on the recipient zones. Technicians assist the doctor with the implanting on the recipient areas but they are not involved in any surgical aspect of the procedure. These type of clinics usually perform about 1-2 procedures a day since an average procedure takes anywhere from 5-8 hours. This was the case when I had my procedure in South Korea at Motion Clinic. Motion Clinic is doctor operated, meaning the doctor performs all the extracting, making sure the grafts have minimal transaction and create incisions on the recipient zone for implantation. These type of clinics are the best and rarest and most expensive but I would recommend that you find one like this since you get the full supervision and attention of the doctor. 

There’s no doubt that sometimes, skilled technicians do a better job at hair transplantation than the doctor himself or herself, but the misrepresentation in Turkey hair transplant clinics arises when they misinform patients on who actually will perform the hair transplant. Is a doctor or a technician who is going to perform the surgery? Honestly speaking, I would think twice if I knew nothing about a hair transplant and was informed that a technician, instead of a doctor, is going to be performing my hair transplant. The thing patients must ask a prospective hair transplant clinic in Turkey is to figure out the total involvement technicians and doctors have in a procedure. Is it the doctor or the technician who is going to extract grafts? Is it the doctor or the technician who is going to create slits on the hairline?

I am a strong advocate that clinics need to be more transparent about this. If technicians are involved, they need to share information on the number of years of experience the technicians have and even the names since results vary with each technician. Like I said, this article isn’t to shun people away from getting a hair transplant in Turkey because there are many reputable doctors who even I would go to to get my hair transplant. However, people considering a hair transplant in Turkey need to really be informed about these type of things that are so common in Turkey and by being well equipped with crucial information, that will determine the success of your hair transplant. 

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