The Dark Side of Getting A Hair Transplant

You’ll never be satisfied. You’ll spend days, weeks, months and even years lurking on hair loss forums and Youtube, looking for the best hair transplant doctors and perfect hairline results, deciding whether to go FUE or FUT. You’ll tell yourself things like, “I’ll only need 1 hair transplant and I’ll be good!” and you’ll spend months and perhaps years saving up for that one very hair transplant. You’ll start classifying your friends, family and strangers according to the Norwood chart. And once you get your hair transplant, you’ll be so glad you got one until you realize you have to go back to work 2 weeks later, thinking of ways to explain to your coworkers why your scalp is red.

hair transplant recipient zone

It only gets worse once you enter the dreaded shedding phase, where all of the precious implanted hairs will be wiped out, leaving you looking worse than you did before the HT. And as the days and months slowly creep by in what seems like an eternity, you’ll start scrutinizing your scalp every minute that you get, looking for any signs of follicular growth like scientists searching for life on an extraterrestrial planet. You’ll start questioning the work of your hair transplant doctor as you can’t help but feel that your hair transplant was a major disaster. Until 4 months later, you see a glimmer of hope. The emergence of tiny, vellus hairs slowly sprouting one by one. Perhaps it wasn’t a complete failure after all.

hair transplant hair growth

And soon enough after your first hair transplant, you’ll be on the hunt for a second hair transplant. Maybe even a third. At this point, a drug addiction would be cheaper than a hair transplant addiction. The cost of a hair transplant is just the price of the admission. A hair transplant doesn’t come with supplements to prevent further hair loss, And theres always something out in the market that claims to stop hair loss at crackhead prices. Things like low laser hair therapy, hair loss shampoos, PRPs, vitamins.

But a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to save the thing that matters most to him: his hair. A man would give up his HOME before giving up his hair.

finasteride 1mg

You’ll start taking expensive medications such as dutasteride, finasteride and minoxidil to maintain every last strand of hair, overlooking the mental and sexual side effects of various medications. Erectile dysfunction? Brain fog? Depression? Smaller junk? You’ll start understanding scientific terms that you’ve never heard of like 5 alpha reductase, DHT, and allopregnanolone as well as various conversions and catalysts of neurohormones and chemicals.

It’s a tough trade, but for hair, it may all be worth it.

This…. is the reality of hair transplants. Sure, you’ll look younger, be more confident and score some extra game with the females, but just like everything in life, there’s a dark side. So, the next time you see a commercial on hair transplants or you see that recommended video/blog from that sexy Asian hair-crazy Youtuber, do yourself a favor and turn the other way. You really don’t want these problems. Or do you?

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