How to Wash Hair After Hair Transplant – Maximum Hair Graft Survival

One of the most commonly asked questions right after a hair transplant is on the aftercare. Learning how to wash hair properly after a hair transplant not only helps reduce the chances of losing precious and costly hair grafts, but also keeps the scalp clean and prevents it from infection. Keep in mind that each hair transplant clinic has their own hair restoration post-operative instructions so you might consider following your doctor’s instructions. However, I will go over a method that was shown to me at my hair clinic and has worked really well by reducing the chance of losing hair grafts as well as helping me keep my scalp clean and heathy.

hair transplant wash

Day 0 – Immediately after my hair transplant, my head was bandaged up and I was sent home with some antibiotic medication to prevent infection. I was instructed not to wash my hair for that day and to come back to the hair clinic the following day so that the hair transplant technician can assess the progress of my hair transplant and to give me a hair wash.

Day 1-14 – For the next couple weeks, I was instructed to carefully wash my hair. I did some research online and according to Dr. Berstein, his study concluded that it would take approximately 14 days until the transplanted hairs would be fully anchored into the scalp. As a result, the first 14 days after your hair transplant are extremely crucial as the transplanted hairs have the highest percentage of being dislodged from the scalp.

I was instructed to wash my hair every day with special care. You first want to avoid washing your hair using the shower head. The shower head’s water pressure can be strong enough that it can actually dislodge the grafts implanted. Instead, you want to pour water into a small cup and gently pour it over your head. You can use any type of shampoo but my doctor specifically told me to avoid any hair loss shampoos. You want to make sure that you avoid using your fingernails when washing your scalp. Instead, using a circular motion, gently mix shampoo and water and tap the donor and recipient areas with shampoo for a couple minutes. You want to make sure to dislodge any dried up blood as well as any debris and oil that is on the scalp. Once you are done massaging your scalp, you can gently pour warm water using your cup to get rid of all shampoo on your hair.

Day 14+ – After day 14, you can proceed to your normal hair wash routine as the hair grafts will be fully anchored into the scalp.

To illustrate this better, feel free to check out the video below that shows you how to carefully wash your hair after a hair transplant to maximum hair graft survival:


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