Top 5 Derma Rolling/Microneedling Mistakes To Avoid

Hey guys, welcome to my blog HAIRLICIOUSLY. I’ve covered countless videos on derma rolling and microneedling’s efficacy in treating against hair loss. Countless users have seen tremendous results by using various microneedling devices and this is why I love talking about microneedling.

Derma Roller minoxidil hair growth

Microneedling the scalp works by stimulating blood flow through the wound regeneration mechanism, increasing the availability of cell nutrients, releasing vascular endothelial factors, and upgregulating fibroblast growth factors. Many people have seen great results when used in conjunction with minoxidil or PRP. However, there are 10 things you must avoid when you either use a derma roller or microneedling device. Let’s get started.

  1. Many people think that harder intensity when microneedling on the scalp is going to result in better hair growth. Oftentimes, users associate this with blood but this is completely untrue. While there really is no proven way as far as the intensity on microneedling, you should microneedle or derma roll with moderate pressure because doing it too forcibly will not only irritate your scalp and increase redness, but it will also result in prolonged recover time. A study by Dr. Dhurat’s 2015 study on microneedling treatment in men with androgenetic alopecia said users microneedled until mild erythema was noted. Patients in the study used a 1.5mm derma roller and saw tremendous results when used in conjunction with minoxidil. So there is no need to cause extra trauma on the scalp by microneedling with too much pressure.
  1. Avoid applying topicals on the scalp right after microneedling or derma rolling. This means avoid applying minoxidil right after. It is highly recommended that you apply minoxidil about 24 hours AFTER microneedling because if you do it right after, minoxidil can easily pass through your skin barrier in greater quantities and enter the bloodstream. While this can increase the potency of minoxidil on the scalp, you can also experience side effects of minoxidil. Minoxidil side effects going systemic can include dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, swelling, irregular heartbeats, and even blurred vision. This also includes applying other topicals or shampoo that contain toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and other things that are known to irritate the scalp.
  1. Make sure you replace your derma rollers or microneedle cartridges from time to time! This obviously depends on how regularly you use it, but a good rule of thumb is to replace the needle cartridges after every 3-4 uses (replacing it after every use is recommended but these things can be pricey) and as far as the derma roller, I would recommend changing it out after every 2-3 months, esp. if you’re using it 2-3 times a week. Before each use, make sure to examine your derma roller and microneedling device for any signs of bent needles. You don’t want to end up damaging your scalp because of this. If you do want a longer lasting derma roller, you can always opt for the titanium needles as they are more durable than medical grade stainless steel.
  1. Make sure to sanitize your derma roller or microneedling device with alcohol before and after every use! Don’t be lazy and just start microneedling as soon as you grab it. You want to make sure you avoid any possibility of infection and germs from entering into your scalp. The best way is to get some 70% isopropyl alcohol and submerge your roller or needle cartridge for at least 10 minutes before removing to allow it to dry. Avoid running it through water as this can also pick up on bacteria and tap water is far from sterile. 
  1. Avoid microneedling or derma rolling on areas on the scalp that have open rashes, inflammation, acne,  warts, pimples. The reason is that if you were to, for example, micro needle directly into a pustular pimple and continue to micro needle all throughout the scalp, this can very easily spread the bacteria and trigger a breakout on your head. Remember the saying not to pop pimples since it can cause an infection since bacteria can enter the wound? Imagine creating thousands of micro wounds and allowing the bacteria to enter. This would definitely be counterproductive in regrowing hair. 
  1. This is pretty self explanatory. Don’t share your microneedling devices with anyone! You don’t want to transmit diseases to each other. Derma rollers and microneedling devices are not that expensive and there is no reason to be sharing it with your mom, dad, brother, sister or friends. You don’t see doctors sharing needles in hospitals so please do not share your derma roller or microneedling devices with anyone other than yourself. These can easily transmit diseases since some people do bleed when microneedling, so please make sure that you not only use it only for yourself but also place it in an area where other people may come in contact with.

Anyway, if used properly, microneedling and derma rolling is a great tool to add for those who are suffering from hair loss. You can check my website at for some derma rollers and microneedling devices that I use to regrow hair on thinning areas. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll talk to you guys next time. Take care!


  • Hello,

    I use the dr. Pen at 1.5, is it normal to see bleeding? I am not applying any pressure

    Zachary Souza
  • I didnt see any redness after dermarolling…will it be effective??

  • Hi I put oil in my hair right after dermarolling and the next morning I shampoos my shoe and have real bad headaches and tightness on my scalp. How can I get rid of the headaches I’m having is it normal?

  • When can i wash hair again once i am finished with dermarolling

  • When can i wash hair again once i am finished with dermarolling


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