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HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic Mineral Beads Replacement

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Introducing the ALL-NEW HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic Mineral 3-Setting Shower Head for Treating HAIR LOSS! 
HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head Set

Chemicals such as sodium fluoride and calcium carbonate, both which can be found in tap water, are known to cause dryness and inflammation of the scalp, leading to faster miniaturization of hair follicles. A good example of calcium carbonate, commonly known as limestone, is a hard white chalky deposit oftentimes found inside kettles, hot water boilers, and on tiles in showers. A study showed the effects of tap water vs de-ionized water had on hair and it was concluded that tap water significantly reduced the hair follicle strength when compared with the de-ionized water.

HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head Set

The discussion of tap water and the correlation of hair loss hasn’t been fully studied and scientists are still split on whether it is detrimental to the overall health of hair follicles, but we do know that the quality of water can certainly impact the way our hair feels. For example, the chlorine in tap water can create an oxidizing effect on elements in the hair as it alters the charge on minerals in the hair, causing them to bond stronger to the hair, and in turn can cause damage. Calcium carbonate can build up on the hair, which is known to cause calcification and flaking as it clogs up at the root of the hair shaft.

Other reports claim that there are cancer-linked contaminants found in US drinking water after analyzing data from almost 50,000 local water utilities.

 There is a probable inverse relationship between the hardness of drinking water and cardiovascular disease, mainly from high levels of magnesium which has some anti-stress actions against coronary heart disease. So, it is a no brainer that tap water can definitely be detrimental to your overall hair.

HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head Set

So I’ve been doing research and one of the best ways to remove these impurities found in tap water is with a filtration system. The one I have here is multi-function shower head with 3 different settings, jetting, rainfall, and massage. It’s known to increase up to 2x the water flow compared to other shower heads and reduces water consumption. The magic happens through the germanium filtration mineral stones which will soften hard water and significantly reduce harmful chemicals and impurities such as chlorine and micro-organisms, all which contribute to brittle hair, miniaturization and scalp calcification.

HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head Set

The black minerals are alkaline tourmaline stones that are negatively charged ions that help remove impurities, including heavy metals and chemicals. The white ones are ceramic mineral stones that help remove bacteria and keep the PH in the water well-balanced, and the red ones are Maifan stones which help the hair keep their shine. All minerals have undergone major composition qualitative analysis and certified by the SGS.

HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head Set

Purchase your HAIRLICIOUSLY Ionic 3 Setting Shower Head to keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy and free from harmful chemicals that may cause miniaturization, calcification, and thinning!